Monday, June 5, 2017

New Trend for the New Millennium

By Cari Clark

During the past ten years, we’ve noticed a new trend in male Utah baby names. No longer are new little Utah boys saddled with DeVirl or Ladell. With the increased use of such General Authorities’ names as Hunter, Taylor, Tanner, and Spencer, a new hybridization has emerged. Here’s how it works: Take a suffix such as –on, --en, --or, --an, and --er, preface it with an l, x, s, or t, and throw in a y somewhere. Then select from initials such as B, K, J, T and D. Throw in a vowel. You get names like Braxton, Brexler, Kyler, Kyson, Jexson, Jyler, Trexlor, Tylon, Daxler, Dylon, Dryxler--you get the idea. The following table may be of service. Mix and match at will, but be sure to check the new name against known chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals, and Star Trek characters (as if that association would stop you).

First Initial                 Vowel                    Consonant                       Suffix

D    (DR)                      E                             X                                   OR

K                                  A                             L                                   ER

J                                   Y                             T                                   ON

T     (TR)                                                     D                                   AN

B     (BR)                                                    S                                    EN

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