Monday, June 5, 2017


Submit a Name

We're glad you want to add to the Utah Baby Namer database by adding one of your own! Please make sure your suggested name is:

1) Authentic - somebody you know is actually named this.

2) Is uniquely Utahn and not just foreign. (For instance, someone once suggested the name "Hulda" to us. We had to refuse it when we discovered it was the name of one of the Rhinemaidens in Wagner's Ring cycle of operas. Even though there's a "Hulda" running around in Utah somewhere, I'm convinced that the original Hulda never stepped foot amongst the everlasting mountains.)

3) No scriptural names, please. Yes, "Mahonri" is Utahn - but there are tons of scriptural names. (You can look in a Book of Mormon index for these, and I'm not going to list all the out-of-fashion names the Old Testament can produce!)

4) No common names of people who you know who just happen to be from Utah. In the past I've gotten "Meredith," "Candace" and "Connie" as submissions. Remember - this is a list of uniquely Utahn and LDS names. Something as ordinary as the three examples I've listed do not belong here! If in doubt, just look at what's already on the list.

5) We try to avoid what a friend calls "DS" (dumb spellings, of common names). An example is "Krisstina" or "Jesica." Non-members and non-Utahns come up with these all the time, and they aren't uniquely Utahn or LDS.

6) Please, PLEASE provide an indication of what sex these names are! With a name like Myravin or Wynante it can be very hard to tell.

7) When I write "Utahn," I really mean "Intermountain West LDS Culture." Yes, you may submit names from Idaho and other states.

All suggested names will be judged by us according to the pornography standard stated in Cari's article ("I'm not sure how to define it, but I know it when I see it!"). And please, if we decide not to include your name, don't be offended. Not having your name on this list is not a bad thing.

Finally, if you've a mind to pull our legs with something like "U'ren" or "Shi'thead," go elsewhere. However, if you do have something incredibly weird or scatological, please provide descriptive proof. (And we may cross-examine you until we're convinced!)



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  2. Hello,
    I work as a presenter at a science center, and I do a show where we bring a volunteer up from the audience. Today I had a girl come up and I asked her for her name and where she's from, as I do all volunteers. She said her name was Dethany, and that she was from Utah. I'm not sure on the spelling, but I checked your list and didn't see any name like this. I don't know what part of Utah she was from, but I wanted to submit this name so I can see what you guys think.